Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Our GCT Eagles are currently sitting at 8-2 and have made it to the playoffs for the first time in 18 years! I am so proud of my husband and his coaching staff for all they have done to change this program and change people's hearts about football in Paragould.

Since the last post we won 2 of the last 3 games. The last game was the big game with our crosstown rivals the Paragould Rams. There is a Bell trophy that is won at this game and is passed back and forth between the two schools...the game has been named Battle for the Bell. We won the BELL and I have one happy husband!

This week we are traveling a great distance to play Magnolia in our first round of playoffs! I am excited about traveling because I get to go home and see my family and my Grandpa is really excited to get to come too! He is very supportive of Jeff and loves the fact I married a Football Coach! I love it too Grandpa!!!

Just a quick recap on what the coaching staff has done in the past couple of years...
2 years ago GCT football held a record of 0-10 (future was not looking so bright for the program, this was the season prior to Jeff being hired)
Last year GCT Football finished the season with a 4-6 record.
This season thus far we are at 8-2 and pray and are believing in more victories!

I hope there are more people in Paragould and all over Arkansas that believe in GCT Football again!

Needless to say but things are really exciting in our house right now!!!
Until next time...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Updated 10.22.09, sorry so late

Lots has happened since the last post and yes I still don't have photos up yet and it is just due to my pure laziness....but hey, I deserve to be lazy every now and then. Everyone does!

Alright, I am praising God for so many things that He has continued to bless me with.
First of all - I passed COMPS & the SLP Praxis tests! And will get to graduate in December!!! Since joining our church in Paragould, I have been praying for God to bring us a Worship Pastor who would not put his will before the will of God and lead us in Spirit filled worship! Last Sunday night our church welcomed Rob & Tunrade Schumann into our church family for this role. Jeff & I are beyond excited about this answered prayer! And our Greene County Tech Eagles are currently sitting at 6-1 with a big game tomorrow against West Helena! I am trusting in God for a BIG win for our program! It has been since 1990 since the Eagles have been 6-1! I am thrilled that God is showing Jeff the fruits of his labor! He is working so hard to take this team and program to a new height; however, He & I both know it is impossible without God!

I am staying very busy myself, with clinic being everyday I often come home exhausted and do not want to do anything. I am praying for God's guidance in finding a job close to where we live and praying that it will be a perfect fit. I want to love what I do and where I work! Most of all I want it to be a ministry! I have a heart for children and want to invest in their lives!

God is most definitely at work in our lives right now and I feel His presence more than ever! Praise Him! I am just so thankful to finally know my school is almost over with and I won't have that burden any longer. God is Good - and Faithful Always!

I have thought about not blogging anymore because I am clearly terrible at it and only do it every once in a while. So, let me know if there are actually any readers out there. If so I will be better and updating more often!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The time has come

Well, it's here...this is what I have been waiting for...the biggest test of my life and there are so many emotions running through me tonight that I could not help but to blog about them! I have one test down and one really long and big test to go (Monday & Tuesday).

I am feeling a lot of tightness in my chest with an overwhelming urge that tears are quickly on their way...tears of fear, anxiety and relief that it is almost over! Then I feel confident that I have studied and studied and have been responsible about time and effort put in; then I think will I remember it all and then the overwhelming urge to vomit comes over me! I am so ready for Tuesday to be over with! However, I am more nervous for next week when the results sit in my mailbox at school with my name on them...all I will have to do is open that envelope and I am praying it will say "congratulations, you have passed"!!! However, I will praise God regardless! He knows what is best for me and has it all planned out! Praise the Lord! I trust fully in Him; then my flesh and worldly ways make me worry about the unknown! For those of you who know me... you know I like to be in control of EVERYTHING! So, not having control kills me! However, I am trusting in God!

I am slowly feeling my blood pressure go down but my heart is still pounding out of my chest!

Lord be with me and my classmates tomorrow; please give us the ability to retain all that we have learned and studied and may we honor you and give you ALL the Honor & Glory!


And by the way the Eagles are 2-0!! Go GCT Eagles! Proud of you guys!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Normal Life

What's that? A normal life is what I cannot wait to have after all these tests are over!

I am praying for perseverance through this next week! I truly cannot make it through these tests without Christ's hand guiding me and helping me to retain all the information I have been putting in my brain! It is no doubt a stressful time but I feel God's presence and His calming spirit with me.

On a GREAT note, GCT won their first game last Friday against our biggest rivalry (Paragould High). I was a nervous wreck but we pulled it off and it has made for a great weekend and a happy husband! Praise the Lord!

I am currently taking a study break and daydreaming what life will be like after these two tests are over with! Things I can't wait to do...to get back in the gym and hit it hardcore, work on my resume and begin job interviews, watch lots and lots of football with my husband on the weekends without a test or paper looming over my head, Sleep good again (this includes Sunday afternoon naps), be a better blogger and go on a vacation at some point! These are just a few things I am looking forward to and thought I would share them!

Well long enough study break! I will post football photos from the first two games soon. I say from the first two games because I will most likely not be back on here until after my tests are finished! If you by chance think of me randomly next Saturday the 12th or the following Monday or Tuesday the 14th & 15th, would you please say a small prayer for me! Thanks in advance!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

UPDATES from a crazy busy girl!!!

Well, I told you guys I would do my best to update this more but the truth is there has not been any time for it! And I couldn't post any photos because I left my camera at Jeff's aunt's house!

I am finishing up clinic III practicum as I type! Today is the last day for the semester! So, that means that studying has to be taken to a new level as soon as my final is over with!
The dates are official: SLP version of Praxis is on Sept. 12th (in the middle of football season) & COMPS are Sept. 14th & 15th! My level of anxiety is as high as it has ever been!
Since the last post -
Andrew Jordan (former Shiloh football player) has moved in with us and was Jeff's intern for the summer and well he just moved out last weekend! Sad day! He was so much help!

We had a baby shower for my sister-n-law Allison and a few short weeks later Harleigh arrived!!

I tortured my Macey Girl with some tissue paper! She couldn't remove it so she just gave up and decided to pout; hoping someone would have compassion and remove it from her collar!
I finally am OLD and turned 26...spent time with the family and pigged out on my favorite dessert!!! One vanilla ice cream scoop with hot chocolate sauce drizzled on top from Outback!

July 4th we had a baby shower for Jeff's cousin who is adopting a baby from over seas! It was a surprise and they were so much fun - they enjoyed all the goodies they received. They are going to name him Knox and his middle name will be Daniel-Wu (Daniel after his dad and Wu is currently part of his name that is part of his culture)! Soooo cute!

Our great friend SARAH SLOCUM won Miss Arkansas!!!! Our family was there to cheer her on and were able to witness the whole thing! It was so sweet!

And we celebrated my dad's birthday the day after Sarah Won! I don't have photos of the celebration because I did not have my camera!! They are on dad's camera and I will post as soon as I get them! We enjoyed time together in Hot Springs! I love being with my family! They are very special people and I thank God for them!!!
Jeff and I recently celebrated 6 wonderful years of marriage in July! We spent a weekend in Memphis and it was truly special! He is such a kind, compassionate and loving husband for which I am thankful for!
After tomorrow I will have a few weeks off but not really! I will be studying for 10 or more hours each day in preparation for the upcoming tests in September! I am not looking forward to it but I am ready to be finished and to detox my body from all caffeine that I have taken in while in grad school!
I am looking forward to new adventures in my life and the upcoming football season!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

'Tis the season to be busy...

It has been such a long time since my last post, which has become a recurring theme with me blogging! I am so very sorry! Life has definitely been super busy and it is only going to get worse before it gets better. But that is the life of a graduate student who is also a wife and lives with the in-laws and works at a health club in what very little spare time I have.

Since the last post here is what all has gone on!

1. Finished my Clinical II practicum, which was so much fun!
2. Kristin & Jason got married (see photos below). It was such a beautiful affair!
3. I went to an awesome Women's conference in Branson with some really great ladies from our church!

4. One of Jeff's former Shiloh students moved in with us (in Jeff's mom's house) to help intern for the summer.
5. We FINALLY moved out of our house! It was so sad! We had some awesome help from some really awesome friends. And we have a really super awesome friend renting our house! God is sooooooo Good!!!
6. I started back summer school and my Clinical III practicum! It has been super hairy so far!
7. My pregnant sister-n-law Allison and her 14 month old Dallas have been living with ALL of us for the past few weeks while her hubby worked to put a murderer behind bars!!

8. We threw a baby shower for my sis-n-law Allison; Harleigh will arrive on June 17th! Crazy!
9. And I have started studying for COMPS!

I need a vacation people!!! I am sure I have left something out! I always do! The baby shower pictures will have to wait until next time!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Lingerie Party

Since this is Kristin's wedding week I thought this post would be appropriate!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of co-hosting a Lingerie shower with my friend Sarah for my friend Kristin! We ended up having so much fun and silly me only took a few pictures of the decorations and didn't have my camera handy for snapping a few photos of Kristin opening her gifts! But that is pretty personal ...not sure she would have wanted me to show you what she may wear on her honeymoon anyway!

These were the invitations I made for the event with the help of my amazing bow tying friend Amy C. Thanks Amy!!

Above are the cookies I made for the occasion! They turned out better than I thought they would at the expense of my mixer (RIP)!

This shower was so much fun planning! I am so excited to see Kristin & Jason say "I do" this Saturday! She will be such a beautiful bride!

UPDATE on my cousin Bill: It has been confirmed that his cancer is in a Stage 3 at least (possibly a Stage 4)! His surgery is scheduled for April 6th! Please continue to pray for him, doctors & his family!

Blessings to you all this week!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Please Pray!!!!!

Hey friends!!! It is with a heavy heart I ask you to pray for my cousin Bill! He & his family are in great need of any and all prayers possible.

Bill is my cousin Michelle's husband. They are a young couple that live in Jonesboro...they have three children. Their oldest Meghan just got married this year,Halie is in high school and the youngest Hanna is in jr. high. Bill has just been diagnosed with colon cancer and is in Houston undergoing many tests! They are trying to figure out how far the cancer has spread and now are concerned with the pancreas! Bill & Michelle are strong and they are trusting in God for a complete recovery as am I!

Below is a photo of a portion of our family this past Thanksgiving. Their family is the first four people on the bottom row from the left-hand side. (Bill, Halie, Michelle & Hanna...Meghan not in photo)

I know there are some mighty prayer warriors that read this blog and I ask you to please pray for Bill, his family & the doctors that are taking care of him!

I want my cousins to be able to experience more of this life with their father...to seek him for advice, to have him walk them down the isle and to just be able to give him hugs and kisses! I am a daddy's girl & know how special even a motorcycle ride with your dad can be and still enjoy those welcome home hugs when I visit!

So, THANK YOU for praying for Bill! Even if it is small...thank you! God knows what he needs, he just wants us to ask and seek Him!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Lots of catching up to do!

I know, I know! It has been a while since the last blog...and lots have happened since then!

That serious ice storm we were supposed to get...we got and it was indeed serious! We were without power for 48 hours which is a blessing compared to some. We had between 14 & 17 people at my mother-n-law's house sleeping and roughing it! As well as three dogs at one point! It was interesting, to say the least! My sister-n-law, husband and baby just moved here one day before it all hit and they were supposed to be staying with his mom until their house sells...well they ended up with us for 12 days...that is as long as they were without power & water since they have well water! So, needless to say that ice storm threw off my schedule and am still not sure I am back to myself 100%! This has taught me that I do not want to live out in a rural area and I don't want too many trees!

Since then I have been overwhelmed with school - this semester seems to be a weird one. I am enjoying my clinic placement just not enjoying classes very much! And I feel behind because I should already be studying for comps and well that hasn't happened yet! OH my I am sooooo ready to graduate and be a normal adult!

A few weekends ago I did have the opportunity to go visit my Grandpa for his 85th birthday! He is one amazing, godly man! I look up to him so much! He is special, his take on life is incredible and I aspire to be like him!

I have been in Sheridan the past three weekends! (Ashley Scott, Jeff & I passed you and Joe while we were in town on Saturday! You were yawning! ha!) The first of the three was Grandpa's birthday, the second was Kristin Freeman's wedding shower weekend extravaganza and last weekend our GCT basketball team was in the State Championship game so we stayed the night with mom & dad to keep from making in an all day Saturday trip! It sure has been nice getting to spend that time with my family! They are truly a blessing to me and I love seeing them every chance I am afforded!

Next weekend we are headed to Springdale for a bitter-sweet trip! The exciting part is that I am throwing Kristin Freeman a lingerie shower! I am so excited about this cause it will be so much fun! The sad part is that we will be moving most of our belongings from our home to prepare for some close friends to rent it! I sure miss that house and the memories we have had building, decorating and living in it! While building that house we were able to paint scripture on the floor (before the floor was laid) of each room; specific scripture and we walked room to room praying over that house and our lives in that house. I will always cling to our memories there and in Springdale. That is where Jeff and I grew so much in our marriage and really began our lives together. We moved to Springdale in the first six months of our marriage! I cannot believe that this July we will celebrate 6 years of marriage! Wow! Below is a photo of our Second home in Springdale!

Time sure does fly!

Until next time, Be blessed!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Fever (not to worry though)

Due to some serious ice storm we are supposed to be getting this evening through Wednesday morning, my class this evening was canceled...so I decided I would do a little blogging!

I have been praying for so many friends that are pregnant right now or just have had a baby or giving baby showers; that one can't help but get THE BABY FEVER! It is crazy how many people I know that are growing or starting their families! It is so much fun to see what my friends kids turn out like and to hold them and all...that is until they spit up...then I am done. I get this overwhelming urge to throw up as well. The urge is almost unbearable (lots of gagging takes place in those moments)! This confirms how unready I really am for kiddos!

Getting the baby fever just makes me sit and think what if and all that jazz...then reality hits.........I'm in grad school and living with my mother & father-n-law!!!!!!! So, obviously not a good time right now!

However, I can't wait to be a mom! It is exciting to dream about feeling life inside me, hearing the baby cry and know what to do, to think about what their first words will be and see their face as they explore life, to hear he/she sing praises to Jesus, to hear them pray to ask Jesus to save them, to teach them how to serve Jesus, to take them to their first day of school, to make craft projects with them and to hear their sweet little voices say I love you mommy & daddy...I can't wait! One of these days (when I'm out of school) I want to experience these things. It is something that I never thought I was made for but God has placed that desire so strongly in my heart that I know he created me to be a mommy!

My prayer now, for the future is that God would create me to be more like a Proverbs 31 woman and more like Him! That I will have a quiet, soft spirit; one that seeks HIS face daily and has an abundance of FAITH even on the hard days this earth brings! I want to be spiritually prepared to be the best mommy I could ever be and show my children what it means to LOVE & SERVE our MIGHTY GOD! I want to be the salt & the light for those I come in contact with every day! I have so far to go with my spiritual condition; however, God is working in me NOW! I am so excited to see what all God is going to do through me this year! I am also praying to be more mindful of those around me who do not know Jesus & His amazing love for them!

Let me hear from you, tell me if you have the fever or if your pregnant or have been tell me about your experiences being pregnant! This will be fun!

I guess I should say all of this has come about because two of my very best friends are pregnant right now...one just called last week to tell me she is pregnant and my sister-n-law is preggo as well as being surrounded by women in our Sunday school class that are pregnant or have had a baby within the last 4 or 5 months. Oh and two of my cousins are pregnant too! I think I'm just at the age when everyone is having babies! haha! It is pretty comical! So, you can't blame me right!??

I have such a busy week ahead of me, but I hope to be able to post some photos this week to recap our Holidays.

Blessings to ALL of you this week!!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Alright all my fellow bloggers! I need some help! I have looked and looked for something, anything to give me a different look and am not having any luck.

I have a hair appointment set up for Wednesday and I need a new style! Every time I go, I chicken out on doing something different!

I need some suggestions! Remember, I cannot go too short (makes my face look fat) or too funky (I have to put my hair in a pony tail when I run)!

So, any suggestions would be helpful! I am counting on a few of you to really help me out!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Photo Tag Survey: Thanks Ashley!

My friend Ashley inspired me to do this! I was so curious what would come up if I did this....

1. Go to Google.
2. Do an Image search for your answer to each question
3. Pick a picture off the first page of images that best answers the question

Here are my results:

1. What am I doing right now?
~Procrastinating a research paper that is due Friday morning!

2. My Age: Sadly it's 25! Half way to 50!

3. My First Name: Melissa

4. My Middle Name: Kay! This is a 55 year-old track start named Kay!

5. Last Name: Conaway! This guy has the same name as my hubby, but he is crazy!

6. My Maiden Name: Jones! This is a photo of my dad's favorite movie series!

7. Favorite Food: Fruit

8. Bad Habit: Sleeping In! Love doing this!!!

9. Past Pet: Snickers Sr. & Snickers Jr.

10. Grandma's Name: Imogene! She was much prettier than this one!

11. Past Love: Marching on the Henderson St. Bass Drum line!

12. First Job: Mazzio's Pizza Waitress

13. Favorite Place: The beach for sure!!!

14. If I went back to school I would be....wait I am back in school and I'm gonna be a SPEECH LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST! No picture necessary here!!

15. If I could visit any place in the world it would be: Hawaii!!!

Hope you enjoyed! Just a little procrastinating on my part that I will soon regret later on!