Thursday, October 22, 2009

Updated 10.22.09, sorry so late

Lots has happened since the last post and yes I still don't have photos up yet and it is just due to my pure laziness....but hey, I deserve to be lazy every now and then. Everyone does!

Alright, I am praising God for so many things that He has continued to bless me with.
First of all - I passed COMPS & the SLP Praxis tests! And will get to graduate in December!!! Since joining our church in Paragould, I have been praying for God to bring us a Worship Pastor who would not put his will before the will of God and lead us in Spirit filled worship! Last Sunday night our church welcomed Rob & Tunrade Schumann into our church family for this role. Jeff & I are beyond excited about this answered prayer! And our Greene County Tech Eagles are currently sitting at 6-1 with a big game tomorrow against West Helena! I am trusting in God for a BIG win for our program! It has been since 1990 since the Eagles have been 6-1! I am thrilled that God is showing Jeff the fruits of his labor! He is working so hard to take this team and program to a new height; however, He & I both know it is impossible without God!

I am staying very busy myself, with clinic being everyday I often come home exhausted and do not want to do anything. I am praying for God's guidance in finding a job close to where we live and praying that it will be a perfect fit. I want to love what I do and where I work! Most of all I want it to be a ministry! I have a heart for children and want to invest in their lives!

God is most definitely at work in our lives right now and I feel His presence more than ever! Praise Him! I am just so thankful to finally know my school is almost over with and I won't have that burden any longer. God is Good - and Faithful Always!

I have thought about not blogging anymore because I am clearly terrible at it and only do it every once in a while. So, let me know if there are actually any readers out there. If so I will be better and updating more often!