Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Baby Sitter for HIRE!!

Alright! So, I had the chance to babysit a really cute little boy last night named Jet! It was so much fun! We played outside chasing each other, digging in the dirt (we even found Mr. Worm) and climbed a mountain of rocks!

I keep telling people that I am a really great baby sitter and they should spread the word that I am looking for work! So, for all of you out there with kiddos or with friends that have kiddos in the NWA area let them know I'm great and they need a date night! Ha!! Seriously though, I am available most of the time! I know - it's a bit sad!

So, I'll leave you with this...Hire me for all your babysitting needs!


Golly is a BEAUTIFUL day! As I was laying on a pallet I made out in the backyard this morning I was reminded of how beautiful God is! And how beautiful the things he has made are! I am so thankful for those little reminders God puts in our lives from time to time!

I was taken back to childhood while laying outside! This weather reminds me of the pilgrim days! Yes, my friend and I used to play like we were pilgrims out in her yard when the weather was nice like this! It was so much fun! We dressed up in little outfits, grabbed some blankets and some sheets and headed to the creek. I loved the imagination I had as a kid! I wonder where that went off to?!? Those were the good ole' days, nothing to worry about except if my play outfit was realistic enough! Haha!

On another note, I am still here in Springdale waiting on the house to sell! Jeff is in Paragould and is missing me and me missing him! The past couple of nights I have been scared for whatever reason and so I have stayed up till 1am ish! I think God knows how bad we miss each other and is trying to get me to just go! So, I am going this weekend; not for good just for a visit! I know God will be faithful in selling our house but I am asking for everyone to please pray that is happens sooner rather than later! I start school on May 28th and don't want to have to worry about this house!

Okay - one more thing and I will leave it for today!! I am trying to gather a list of places I want or need to eat at before officially leaving Northwest AR for Northeast AR! A few on the list right now are Hugos, Pesto Cafe, Bordinos and Emilas! Let me know of your favorites or ones you think I ought to go to before heading out!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's Official!!!! YAY!!!

It’s official! I am going to graduate school! How scary is that! I got the letter in the mail confirming that I have been accepted into the Master of Communication Disorders program at Arkansas State University.

I had Jeff on the phone with me Thursday night as I returned from the gym and was so nervous to open the letter for fear of rejection! I finally opened it and screamed so loud…Jeff assumed that was a good thing! Needless to say I am so excited! I have waited on this opportunity for two years and am sure that this has been in God’s plans from the beginning of the drama with all the schools I have attended.

I have an abundance of very mixed emotions underneath the load of excitement that I am carrying! Just wondering what it’s all going to be like, if I will still be in love with and passionate about this field, wondering if I will be a good student and wanting to be one of the very best they have, hoping I am still good at therapy and the list just goes on! But I pray that as God has blessed me with this opportunity he will soothe my anxiety about so much! He doesn’t give us something we can’t handle - so I know I am going to tackle this challenge and do my very best! I know this is my calling in life! And if I can be half the speech language pathologist that Nancy Hardman and Carol Morgan are then I will call myself a success! Those two OBU professors have been an inspiration to me and invested so much in me and I am thankful to God for them! And for this new adventure that I am on! Graduation should be December of 2009!