Tuesday, August 4, 2009

UPDATES from a crazy busy girl!!!

Well, I told you guys I would do my best to update this more but the truth is there has not been any time for it! And I couldn't post any photos because I left my camera at Jeff's aunt's house!

I am finishing up clinic III practicum as I type! Today is the last day for the semester! So, that means that studying has to be taken to a new level as soon as my final is over with!
The dates are official: SLP version of Praxis is on Sept. 12th (in the middle of football season) & COMPS are Sept. 14th & 15th! My level of anxiety is as high as it has ever been!
Since the last post -
Andrew Jordan (former Shiloh football player) has moved in with us and was Jeff's intern for the summer and well he just moved out last weekend! Sad day! He was so much help!

We had a baby shower for my sister-n-law Allison and a few short weeks later Harleigh arrived!!

I tortured my Macey Girl with some tissue paper! She couldn't remove it so she just gave up and decided to pout; hoping someone would have compassion and remove it from her collar!
I finally am OLD and turned 26...spent time with the family and pigged out on my favorite dessert!!! One vanilla ice cream scoop with hot chocolate sauce drizzled on top from Outback!

July 4th we had a baby shower for Jeff's cousin who is adopting a baby from over seas! It was a surprise and they were so much fun - they enjoyed all the goodies they received. They are going to name him Knox and his middle name will be Daniel-Wu (Daniel after his dad and Wu is currently part of his name that is part of his culture)! Soooo cute!

Our great friend SARAH SLOCUM won Miss Arkansas!!!! Our family was there to cheer her on and were able to witness the whole thing! It was so sweet!

And we celebrated my dad's birthday the day after Sarah Won! I don't have photos of the celebration because I did not have my camera!! They are on dad's camera and I will post as soon as I get them! We enjoyed time together in Hot Springs! I love being with my family! They are very special people and I thank God for them!!!
Jeff and I recently celebrated 6 wonderful years of marriage in July! We spent a weekend in Memphis and it was truly special! He is such a kind, compassionate and loving husband for which I am thankful for!
After tomorrow I will have a few weeks off but not really! I will be studying for 10 or more hours each day in preparation for the upcoming tests in September! I am not looking forward to it but I am ready to be finished and to detox my body from all caffeine that I have taken in while in grad school!
I am looking forward to new adventures in my life and the upcoming football season!