Friday, June 6, 2008

It's been a while!!

I know that is has been over a month since my last post! I am so sorry! A lot has happened in this past month to keep me very busy!

For starters, I moved around the first of May! We are still praying that our house will sell and are currently living with Jeff's mom! That is going really well! She is a very gracious woman and I am thankful for her willingness to letting us stay! We also, have a new newphew...Dallas Weston Hitt! He's the cutest cowboy I have ever seen!!!

Secondly, we have been gearing up for all the football stuff coming up... we had our first fundraiser and that turned out to be rather successful, had the spring game and getting ready for the summer schedule! Their first 7 on 7 is this weekend! Fingers crossed! Some exciting things have been going on and Jeff is very encouraged about what's to come in the future! Below are a few photos from our Spring Game! Go Eagles!!!

And lastly, I started school on May 28th! And oh man has it been difficult! Just getting back into the swing of things and conditioning my mind and body on waking up at 5am just to go to class! The work load expected is unreal! I have so much to do and am just really not sure of how they want it done! But God is great and faithful in sustaining my energy and mental focus! I also could not have been blessed anymore than I am with better professors and cohorts! We have such a great group of girls in the first year graduate group! Everyone has been so helpful! I know this year and a half will go by quickly but will be so hard; I keep telling myself that I won't be happy with what I do in life until I finish this degree! So, I keep on keeping on!

To add to the stress level of this past car decides to breakdown or I should say overheat and well there goes a bunch of money fixing it! Jeff was great in taking that stress away from me and dealing with it all himself! I am so thankful for his understanding of my stress with school!

Hope this has caught you up on the Conaways as of late...enough procrastinating for me...gotta get to work!!!