Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I've Been Tagged...

I have been tagged by my friend Kate!
So here goes nothing...
1. I am a perfectionist & health enthusiast
2. I went to college on a band scholarship at Henderson State University. Played the Bass Drum during marching season and Trombone during concert season!
3. I enjoy cheering way too much and too loud at my husband's football games! They might as well stick me in the eagle costume!
4. I absolutely love being a Coach's wife! And I love football! And think my husband is one of the best coaches!
5. My husband wants four kids! I tell him let's have one then talk about the experience!!
6. I am blessed with the greatest In-Laws in the world! Seriously, that is not sarcastic either! My Mother-in-Law is like a friend and my sister-n-laws are like my sister!!
7. I am constantly trying to figure out how to get in shape.
I am tagging my friends Ashley Scott, Tracy Purdy, Kristin Freeman, Kristen Nelson, Charity Murdock, & Alicia! Their links are on the page!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Pageants & Names (quick f.ball update)

I believe everyone is entitled to name their children what they would like. I believe unique names are a good thing for the most part. And I understand a parent's desire to change the spelling of their child's name if it is a popular name they have chosen! More power to these parents!

This past Saturday was mine, my mom and sister's fourth year at directing the Timberfest Pageant in Sheridan! Just a small festival pageant, but it is loads of fun and not to mention loads of work!

It never fails, every year we have people complain that we mispronounced their name or a child's name. And while our emcee was changing clothes to entertain the crowd, I took over the emceeing for one group! I was thinking fine, this will be great! I love talking to audiences and love to emcee...so no big deal! I glanced over the names of the girls in the group to make sure I could say their names and I guess I didn't look close enough. As I was announcing each contestant I found one name that I had no idea how to say! Oh, goodness! And I discovered I had no clue what this child's name was immediately after I announced her number for her to come out on stage and it went something like this...

"Contestant # 5"........................................??????????????? ( I turned to my sister and she had no idea of what to say and we were both speechless), then I turned to the little girl who is standing on stage wondering what is going on and said "Sweet heart, I am sorry I do not know how to pronounce your name!" She yelled from across the stage Mikayla!!! Oh, yes Mikayla! Really...

Oh, goodness how stupid of me right! Well, it looked like Michaela so I said Michael - a. I felt terrible; however, I blame this parent for this goof up! I understand the desire to spell your child's name differently, I do! However, when your child is in a pageant or anything else to where their name has to be read by a stranger over a sound system -- it is best to just spell it the normal way or what would be easiest for the person emceeing! Our poor emcee also did this with a parent's name. The name was spelled Charla so that is what she said "CHarla." Well, the mom was irate backstage because it should have been pronounced Sharla! Now who's fault is that!

Moral of the story is - when your name or your child's name is being announced somewhere by someone you don't know. Spell the name how it should look in a normal way or how it should SOUND! Then everyone is happy!

Football update - We won our first conference game on Friday night against a very good and fast Forrest City team! Jeff was drenched after the game and it wasn't sweat! The boys got him good! There is a big excitement in the town of Paragould about this football team and it is fun to see! Thanks for all your prayers! We play a very good Wynne football team this Friday!

Monday, September 22, 2008

A bunch of useless ramblings...

As a graduate student I am constantly exercising my brain so hard and every now and then I have a moment to just think of crazy things...I think they are crazy because I don't have time to be thinking about them. But another fellow grad student and I got to chatting about the things that we do that are so much alike and she is just like me! It is scary! Below are a few of the crazy things I have realized make me a crazy Type A personality!

As far as driving goes...I like it fast and furious! I have a need for speed, I feel like driving slow is a waste of time!

And I do not like to waste time! Unless I PLAN to waste time! I know, it doesn't make sense!

I'm not good with spur-of-the moment things, but am trying to get better! I feel like if it can be helped and you spring something on someone it is just rude. My dad always had a saying in our house, when my mom lost her keys or just couldn't locate them before the minute she had to be flying out the door...."poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part" and I love that saying! Ha!

I have recently discovered that earplugs are amazing!!!!!!! For tests especially; however, I feel the need to sniff a lot when I have them in my ears! While testing the smallest things will drive me nuts; such as others sniffing, writing, tapping, breathing and the list goes on! I know it is ridiculous! That is my sister's fault!

I love sleeping in and taking Sunday afternoon naps!

No one does things like I want them done! This may be read as selfish; but I think I'm just crazy and my dad taught me this trait! If you want it done right, do it yourself!

I can't wait to have kids and I CAN wait all at the same time! I am scared for my life to change so drastically. I have seen so many friends go through this process and I just feel like the first 6 weeks are the most unglamorous! I would like to think that I can handle this whole process and not miss a beat! For instance, just have a child without all the medication and feel okay after the labor process is over and once released from the hospital be able to run with no problems and fit back into pre-pregnancy clothes and not to mention get the same amount of sleep! But I just have a feeling that if God chooses to bless us with children that he will teach me a thing or to about my Type-A personality! But at least you know some of the things I will be praying for along the way! Haha!

I know I am getting older and older because I find more things to be Type A about. I just wish I could go back to the carefree days of childhood.
That's it for tonight; just a bunch of useless ramblings. Trying to use my brain in a different way other than for school and therapy alone!

Oh and by the way, our GCT Golden Eagles brought home another win Friday night!

Monday, September 15, 2008

First 2 Games of GCT!!!!

Game One Photos!!! This was the biggest crowd in school history! It was intense!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Praise the LORD -- What a team!!!

After losing our first game, our Greene County Tech Golden Eagles won big on Friday night against Highland! The final score was 53-21! The team played so well and it was very exciting and emotional to watch! For a moment, I felt as though we were watching the Shiloh Saints play!

There is nothing like seeing your husband do what he loves to do and be rewarded for all his hard work and those other coaches who put in so many hours to be successful! The guys were so excited and the fans were too! God bless our cheerleaders because they do numerous amounts of push-ups every time we score and I know they are super sore still today from Friday!

I don't have the ability to post pictures tonight but I will do that at some point tomorrow in the midst of what will be one of the longest days of my life! Nothing big, just lots of school stuff! My day will begin with lots of hearing screenings (at least 50) at an elementary school at 8am, then off to give an evaluation, then two therapy sessions and finally class until 9pm! So, at some point I will post so photos from our first two football games of the season!

Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes throughout these past few months! We feel them! We still need prayer for our house to sell!
Thank you for all your support!