Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to School!

I just got home from one of the longest days! It was my first day back to school for my second semester of graduate school! Did you catch all that? Ha!

I knew I had to give this day to God before starting it or I knew I would come home in tears! It most definitely was a trying day and will prove to be one heck of a semester! With every day of grad school that passes I feel as though I have accomplished something! I know I'm one day closer to a paycheck and that is great to think about and I actually made it through the day. The great thing about getting my masters now is that I'm older and don't let myself freak out about too many things (only a few, and tears are a must when I am frustrated)! I just know I have to get it done and it will eventually get done! So, today I reminded myself that it will get done when I was given all my clinic assignments for the semester. I only have three clients but I will have some very long Mondays and weeks ahead of me. Mondays: I leave for school at 10am then don't get home till 10pm!

But God is good!

I have to admit I am totally looking forward to fall and Christmas break! It has been such a long time since I have been on a school schedule it is going to be nice!

God continues to be faithful! I have been praying specifically for some things and He is starting to unfold things in His timing! His timing is the key! Ha! Things never happen when I want it to but it is always perfect!

Soooo, this journey God has me on in this life is getting better and more interesting everyday! I am thankful for so many things and God is soooooo good!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Football Season + Grad School = Busy, Busy

I get it, I totally get it! Why God has placed or has yet to place certain things in my life. He is calling me to a closer walk and I am humbled by the journey he has me on right now! I feel as though my spirit is unsettled and I desire so much more from my relationship with Christ! I love being in a place like this!

I have fully realized this past weekend how sad I am to leave Northwest Arkansas (friends, Shiloh & our home) but how excited I am for what God is doing in Northeast Arkansas! I knew when I married a coach our lives would not be settled in one place for very long; just kinda goes with the territory! But I love being a coach's wife! It keeps me young and well keeps our schedule full! I also love the influence Jeff has on so many people.

At this point, lots of things are happening! I have finished my first semester of Graduate school with a 4.0! Yay God!! And am moving into next semester with the same prayer that God would show me favor in my studies! Jeff is really gearing up for football! It is so exciting! I am praying for things that Paragould people don't believe will happen just so we can say - God did it! I am also praying that God would show Jeff favor with the kids, coaches and community!

Oh man, I can't forget! It seems like every where I turn the women I meet or are friends with in NWA are pregnant or just had a baby or have a whole litter of kids! Ha! It is bizarre, I'm not sure if it is the fact that I am now at an age that people typically start having kids or what! Sure makes Jeff and I feel a bit out of place! Our new small group has five pregnant ladies and everyone else has kids! Jeff and I were laughing this past Sunday because everyone else was going on about life before kids and we gave each other the knuckle bump (like- yea, it's sweet)!! Ha! Everyone laughed, but I believe that God will bless our lives with children one day! And that will be a sweet day and a sweet time in our lives! However, I am a bit scared of the process, personally! But know that if you are a friend of mine and are pregnant, I am praying for you and your baby!

Sorry it has been so long since the last post! And sorry this is so long! I will try and post pictures soon!
With Love,