Monday, June 28, 2010

Guess what...

I'm NOT in labor!! But I am completely okay with that! I am currently 3 days past my due date but it is not horrible. My body is just not ready and neither is Baby Conaway. As I sit and play the waiting game I thought I should take this time to update and catch you all up on stuff and just blog about random things!


As far as the pregnancy goes, let me share a few thoughts...I always had thought that pregnancy is a beautiful thing created by our Creator! And it truly is! How God creates our bodies to grow and birth babies is just simply amazing! I always thought I would be one of those to absolutely LOVE being pregnant...I like being pregnant but not sure I LOVE it - I LOVE what it is giving me and Jeff and that is Baby Conaway. Pregnancy is just different. Beautiful but different.

I am overjoyed to be carrying a child of God and forever thankful he has entrusted me to be this child's mommy. I decided early on that if God ever gave Jeff and I the ability to conceive children I would do my best to stay healthy and continue my workout routine etc. So, naturally once we found out we were expecting (I was training for a half marathon, but Dr. thought I didn't need to continue the training but I could continue running), I continued with my running and weight routines which made me feel good about my growing body. However, I must say for someone who has struggled with an eating disorder it has been difficult to watch my body change in this way. I have trusted God! I know that sounds silly because this is one time in a woman's life it's perfectly acceptable to be bigger. But this has been the biggest struggle. People think just because you were fit before that they can jokingly now call you fat and chubby and whatever else suits them. I have just silently prayed for those people. Anyway, I have had very little to truly complain about throughout this pregnancy and I praise God for that! There have only been mild discomforts even though I was on bedrest for two weeks! A few of those mild discomforts have been...experiencing pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands and currently lower back pain. I have been blessed throughout this pregnancy because God has been so faithful!

I am trusting in God's timing for the birth of our daughter. Lots of people think I am nuts to not want to be induced! I don't! I am content with waiting until my daughter and my body are ready for this process. I do not want to disturb the way or time in which God has already planned for her birthday! I am excited to meet her! So excited! I can't wait to see who she will look more like and to see if she will have dark hair or red hair after my beloved Grandma and my dad! I have lots of excitement and nervous anxiety about the birth and being a mom! It is my desire to bring my child into this world with as little medication as possible! The ultimate goal is drug free! We covet your prayers in this area for strength and perseverance!! God is faithful! I'll let you know how this all goes after it's all over with!

Funny story - yesterday while on our way to church I told Jeff the plan for a quick get-a-way if my water were to break while at church and he replied with this, "Okay, well uh are you wearing a diaper or anything?" Oh I died with laughter...I said "no, did you want me to?" He followed with "don't you think it would have been a good idea?" He is so funny!!

Baby Showers:

All I can say is that we have been blessed by so many people and never knew that many people cared for us so much and wanted to help invest in the life of our little girl! We were blessed with six baby showers and received so many precious and practical things...Jeff's favorite is the diapers! He said that is less we have to buy...funny thing is that he doesn't go buy the stuff from grocery store anyway! Funny! I love everything and am so thankful for the many blessings!


The nursery is COMPLETE!!! Finally everything is finished! And it turned out just how I wanted it! Check out the sneak peek, let me know what you think! This photo is without the wall decor because my parents have my camera attachment to upload the rest of the photos! Will do that soon!

Coaching Staff:

The GCT coaching staff has had a few additions for the upcoming football season! We are thrilled to bring in more coaches to add to the talent that is currently on the coaching staff! The four guys that have been hired, I feel like, are going to fit in perfectly with the rest of the coaching staff! Jeff is thrilled to get these young energetic coaches in to bring a new dynamic to the team. During the month of May, three of the coaches lived with us which was pretty fun but weird since I am pregnant. Let's just say, that's a quick way to get to know new coaching staff. It worked out well though.

I am truly sad to say that one of my dearest friends has moved to Arizona! I was hoping that I would have my baby before Kristin & Jason left Arkansas, but it didn't happen! I am just going to have to make a trip to visit! The great thing is that her mom & dad still live in my hometown and maybe we can see each other during holidays! I am happy for them for the great opportunities they are experiencing and that Kristin will be close to Stacy (her sister)! I am a bit jealous too because it sounds like a really cool place to live!

Well, next time I post it will be about Baby Conaway's birthday!!


Julee Turner said...

I can't believe you are still pregnant! I will be praying for you and a safe/quick delivery! Keep us updated on here or fb as soon as you can! Can't wait to see her... She is going to be so beautiful!!

Pam said...

I am officially adopting you.

I pray for you to have a successfull delivery just like
you want.
However, drugs can be good.
Do not be afraid to use them if
you have any problems oryou have
a really long labor.
Love you bunches.
Mrs. Pam

Leah said...

You are right to trust God in the timing of your delivery. My daughter will be 1 in 2 weeks, and was 2 weeks overdue. :) He knows exactly best. Best of luck in your delivery.

Jessica said...

Yea! What a wonderful blog! Thanks for sharing! The nursery is beautiful! Oh how I wish I could see you and visit with you. Have a happy week. You're in my prayers.

Kristen and David said...

Can't wait to hear how everything went!! Your nursery is beautiful. You'll have to post more pictures. I'm sure you've been very busy since this last post. :) Hopefully you are finding time to sleep! Pictures please!! Yay!

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